Hello, and welcome to our new home.

We finally have our own website. It only took 6 years too long, but we were pretty happy with our store, Facebook and Chrono24 platform. We have been solely operating via these platforms since 2012. 

After many requests from our loyal clients, we have decided to start our own website so anyone can browse through our inventory without having to guess what we have in stock.

Without our clients, there wouldn't be space for us. Thanks again to all our friends and clients for being there. We will continue to serve you the way we always have. 

Please bear with us on the website as it's still in the works - if you do see anything that is out of order - do drop us an email or whatsapp. You know how to contact us already.

In the meantime - you can choose your medium of choice, either here at our new website, Facebook or Chrono24 (just like before).

Do drop us a text or email if you have questions.

Derek S